Perpendicular and parallel straight lines 1 1/2

Perpendicular and parallel straight lines 1 1/2
  • Lesson Aims
  • During the folding processes the pupil will relate to perpendicular and parallel lines and segments.

  • Name of Model
  • There is no model in this lesson.

  • The Lesson Structure
  • According to planned curriculum.

  • Lesson content
  • This is a prepatory lesson to the next lesson about parallel and perpendicular lines and segments with the model of a dress. In the lesson the pupils investigate the properties of parallel and perfpendicular lines using  their measuring tool.

  • Prior Knowledge
  • The concepts of angle,a right angle and a square.

    • Materials
    • Origami sheets 15/15 cm and measuring tool.

    • Additional knowledge
    • For the teacher.

      If two straight segments are  both perpendicular to a third straight line then the two segments are parallel.

      משפט א מקבילים11


      A  transversal line that is perpendicular to one of two parallel lines will also be perpendicular to the other parallel line.

      משפט ב11

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