Teaching Geometry using Origami

In the process of folding origami models, students investigate geometry topics.

In every lesson, students create a new origami model as a result of geometrical inquiry.

Welcome to the e-Learning Origametria program.

e-Learning Origametria is designed for teachers and others who teach topics of curriculum geometry, from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

In each lesson, each student folds a completed origami model.  Following animations and led by the teacher, the class identifies and discusses geometrical topics found at different stages during the process of folding the model.  Although the step-by-step animations are the main teaching aid, the key to using the program successfully is how the teacher works with the class to identify and research a topic, to avoid misconceptions.

The method is research-based, highly motivational, fun and requires no origami skills from the teacher.

The e-Learning Origametria programme has been accepted into curriculum by the Israeli Ministry of Education.  It is the product of many years of ‘in the fields’ origami teaching, combined with significant input from a team of Professors of Math Education and Math, Supervisors from the Ministry, full-time teachers, specially-trained Origametria teachers and children.

The lessons are categorised by Grade and topic.  They all feature animated origami folding sequences and include many interactive Q&As.

Teachers will find academic articles and additional materials on the site, which will assist in the teaching of geometry.

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