Aorigamtrih courses for math teachers and kindergarten teachers in regular education and Bmti”a 

If the \ The mathematics teacher and \ looking for \ the ways to teach students geometry creative and experienced so that students like you love geometry.

Rate Aorigamtrih is the tool and have experienced and creative way that will make learning meaningful.

However, we realize that \ e are not an expert Origami so we created the program Aorigamtrih computerized.
Which will teach students geometry according to the curriculum with arrays prepared and ready.
The online learning program arrays started by a professional team composed of Mathematics and Origami
Dr. John Overman, Dr. Anat Kalmar Golan and Paul Jackson
In 2015 the center held courses for teachers Pisga Kfar Saba and Netanya
In 2016 there were training centers for teachers Pisga: Kfar Saba (Year) Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Kiryat Motzkin, Haifa.
Additional sessions for teachers were taught Pisga Jerusalem, Rosh and Mti”a Tel Aviv
full training includes 30 hours with reward and grade.
 Schools purchased the program Aorigamtrih all layers school will receive one free training. (Schools that purchase the program for all grades and do not participate in continuing education programs Bfsgo”t recommended 3-4 courses per year)
Although training colleges in 2016-2017 Pisga centers
Teachers and kindergarten teachers who undergo the training there is a special entrance site of the online learning program Aorigamtrih 
Mti”a dug Hasharon
The beginning of the course 6.11.2016
Hours: 16:00-19:30
Link to the online learning website payable
The beginning of the course 14.11.2016
ימים: ב
Pisga Center Kfar Saba – Pre-kindergarten Aorigamtrih
The beginning of the course 15.11.2016
Day: Tuesday
Pisga Center Ashkelon – Pre-kindergarten Aorigamtrih
The beginning of the course 2.11.2016
Day: Wednesday
For details and questions: send us e-mail
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