Fractions and Parts of a Whole 2/2

Fractions and Parts of a Whole 2/2

  • Lesson Aims
    • Recognizing unit fractions using the area model for parts of a whole.
    • Recognizing the form of a unit fraction representing the numerator and  denominator.
    • Recognizing  the concept part of a whole.
    • Investigating parts of a whole in relation to squares of different area sizes.
    • Investigating the part of a whole as a fraction with a numerator different than 1.
  • Lesson Content
  • Lesson 2/2. Using already folded squares from the previous lesson the pupils will learn about another unit fraction resulting from additional fold to the squares.

  • Materials
  • Folded squares from the previous lesson. Origami sheets of 2 sizes: 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm.

Themes: Measurements > Area


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