Polygon activities B 1/2

Polygon activities B 1/2
  • Lesson Aims
  • The pupils during the folding process will identify polygons according to stated properties. The pupils will learn how to form different polygons with their sheets and investigate the various properties of the folded shapes.

  • Model Name
  • Polygon activities 1/2

  • Lesson content
  • The decomposing and composing activities allow the children to create various polygons during the folding process and with the combination of several triangular folded shapes. With a series of questions and answers during the folding process the pupils are able to deepen their geometric reasoning in a dynamic environment.




  • Prior knowledge
  • Concepts of sides and vertices in polygons.

  • Grade curriculum
  • Materials
  • Origami paper 15 cm X 15 cm, 2 sheets per pupil.

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