Introduction to Visual Representation of Angles-1/3

Introduction to Visual Representation of Angles-1/3
  • Lesson Aims
  • The first lesson for the learning of the concept of angle using the mouse shaped made in the lesson as an aide.

  • Name of Model
  • A mouse.

  • Lesson Structure
  • The mouse,circle and angle as a measure of rotation.

  • Lesson Content
  • This lesson is the first of three lessons teaching the concept of angle. Through the folding process the pupils have a dynamic experience of this concept. The idea of measure of rotation as a method of understanding the concept of angle is applied with moving the mouse shape clockwise. This method and definition of an angle as a measure of rotation is understood while creating the angle by the rotational movement. Two mice are folded-one to take home and the other for the next lesson on the subject of angle.


  • Materials
  • Scissors, several sheets of A4 printing paper and 3 origami paper sheets 15cm x 15 cm.

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