Unit of measurement for measuring Volume-a cube.

Unit of measurement for measuring Volume-a cube.
  • Lesson Aims
    • Recognizing the concept of volume.
    • Recognizing the use of an accepted unit of volume measurement-a cube.
    • Recognizing which measurements are necessary for determining the volume of a prism.
    • Recognizing that different structures may have the same volume but different heights.
  • The Name of the Model
  • Structures built with cubes.

  • רצף מומלץ
  • Lesson Content
  • The pupils will construct two different sized cubes by a folding process. Using these cubes the pupils will measure the volume of a container and reach the understanding that a number representing a volume measurement must relate to the unit of measurement used. Pupils will learn that different structures assembled with the same number of cubes may have different heights.Height measurement alone is insufficient for volume measurement.

  • Materials
  • Origami sheets of 2 sizes. 10 x 10 cm,15 x 15 cm.

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