Rotational symmetry 2/2

Rotational symmetry 2/2
  • Lesson aims

    • The pupils will identify the properties of reflective and rotational shapes of various quadrilaterals.
    • The pupils will discover the order of symmetry of various quadrilaterals.
    • The pupils will identify the quadrilaterals having reflective or rotational symmetry  or both symmetries.
    • The activities will aid the pupil in understanding the concept of rotational symmetry.
  • Name of Model
  • A puppy similar to the model of lesson 1/2 on rotational symmetry.

  • Lesson Structure
  • According to the curriculum.

  • Lesson Content
  • The folding process at different stages enables the pupil to learn about the concept of rotational symmetry in additional quadrilaterals.

  • Prior knowledge
  • The concepts of polygon and reflective symmetry.

  • Materials
  • Origami square sheets 15 cm/15 cm and markers.

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