Rotational symmetry 1/2

Rotational symmetry 1/2
  • Lesson Aims
    • Identify two shapes as congruent after a rotation.
    • Identify which shapes  are congruent as a result of reflective or rotational symmetry or both.
    • Identify the shapes with rotational symmetry of various orders.
    • Identify using activities to identify propeties of symmetry in different shapes.
  • Model name
  • A puppy

  • Lesson structure
  • According to the curriculum.

  • Lesson content
  • The folding process at different stages enables the pupil to learn about the concept of rotational symmetry together with the concept of reflective symmetry (not formal definitions). On completing the final surprising model the pupil can revise previously learnt concepts and review the new concepts that have been learnt in this lesson.


  • Prior knowledge
  • The concepts of polygon and reflective symmetry.

  • Materials
  • Origami square sheets 15 cm/15 cm and markers.

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