Terms of Use

  1. Aorigamtrih system (the Bundy “) is an E-learning system that gives you in return for payment of a license fee, the option to view and use ICT in teaching geometry lessons using origami, ie Aorigamtrih.
  2. The system is operated by “the Golan CPF, 512 191 529 (hereinafter,” a system “).
  3. use of the system is done signing up and paying a license fee to enter and use the system.
  4. payment can be made using the card, chic, direct debit or bank transfer. after receipt of payment, open access to the system. payment is periodically and at the end of each period has to renew the license.
  5. the license to use the system and consider including the user name and password assigned to the user are personal and are not transferable. do not share them with any third party. all account activity is the responsibility of the user. If you learn of any unauthorized use of your account, must be notified immediately so that the owner of the system. this message does not impose any responsibility for a system and / or its designees for any anything related to the use of unauthorized, whether made before or after the message.
  6. copyright and the other intellectual property rights, including all trademarks and / or patents, and / or samples of the system and the content contained therein, including lessons,, texts, exercises, selection, structure and arrangement of materials, system design, graphics, photographs, illustrations, logos system, the name of the system and system software and any accompanying materials belonging to the owner of the system. All rights to these materials are reserved.
  7. Aorigamtrih unique teaching method, developed by a system by investing resources and a lot of thought. The right of use of the system can be provided that will be copied and / or will be used for commercial or other study method except purposes that are permitted in this agreement.
  8. In return for the payment of the license granted the user right to use the system and use the lessons in it personally provided the framework directive non-spacing. You may not copy, record, store all volumes, publish, publicly perform, transmit, make available to the public, rent, create a derivative work or otherwise distribute the content and the method of learning the system and / or other materials on the Site and / or the system or the a system without express permission in writing and in advance of a system.
  9. a system will do its best to correct flaws in the system as soon as possible. However, a system will not incur any charge and / or responsibility for any damage and / or loss caused to the user as a result of system failure and / or for any damage caused by an act of deliberate and / or negligence of a third party and / or any other factor that is not controlled .
  10. without limiting the foregoing, a system may disable the system initiated from time to time for the purpose of maintenance and / or upgrade and / or update, delete any material stored in any part of the system and stop the activity of the system including its discretion exclusive.
  11. the user will indemnify and reimburse a system for any damage and / or loss and / or expense will be covered, including legal expenses, as a result of any act and / or omission of the user contrary to this agreement, which will cause damage to the owner of the system .
  12. the competent court in Tel Aviv jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the parties relating to this agreement and / or arising from it will be the seat that will be.

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