The Team

Origametria Program Developers

The program was created by Mrs. Miri Golan, and taught in schools in Israel since 1992 as a learning skills development program.

 Paul Jackson  joined the Israeli Origami Center’s staff in 2000, since when the program has been renamed ‘Origametria’.

Dr. John Oberman joined the team in 2010.  He serves as an expert mathematical consultant and as the program’s main contact with the Israeli Ministry of Education and it’s schools, colleges and conferences.

An additional expert mathematical consultant accompanying the program is  Dr. Anat Klemer from Western Galilee College in Israel.

Since 2000, Professor Emma Frigario from the University of Milan also joined Origametria’s accompanying team.

From 2000-2016, the program was presented in mathematical conferences in Spain, Germany, USA, Austria, UK, Italy, and Singapore.

Origametria was presented at Caltech University USA | University of Milan | The University of Tokyo.

Since 2010, approximately 20 Origametria courses of 30-hours have been run in Teacher Centers across Israel, as part of the requirement for in-service teachers (Kindergarten and Elementary) to continue their training by learning new teaching skills.  These courses have been extremely popular.


From ‘Online Academy’; lesson in Origametria for 1st & 2nd grades 

From ‘Online Academy’ ; lesson in Origametria to 3rd – 6th grades

‘Pre-Origametria’ activity to kindergartens


‘Pre-Origametria’ activity for parents & children